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"You give me confidence to lead my team."
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Success Stories - Seminars
  “Tom's staff is ON FIRE and there are so many reasons, with one actionable idea after another after another being expressed by staff member after staff member, including the fact that they seem to have the same 'love of cool ideas' that all us entrepreneurs do that makes it fun and inspiring.”

Scott Layden
Brentwood, TN - Branch Manager
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  “Tom, I didn't expect that you would be always giving me new insights, though that is often the case. What is valuable is the affirmation that a tricky decision is right.

“You give me confidence to lead my team.”

- Kevin Werner
Chicago, IL - Owner
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  “The other parts of the seminar were equally valuable. They included marketing, B2B sales (and how to do it successfully), B2C sales, operations and a host of other informative topics. The thing that struck me as most important is Tom and his team are real people doing exactly what we do. In addition he opens his books for your education. And his team concepts are real. They have been tested and proven successful,"

- Dan Flavin
Columbia, MD - Owner
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  “If you have not signed up for Tom and Ed's Profitability seminar, DO IT NOW!! The seamless delivery of information with visuals for the consumer is nothing short of impressive and creates instant credibility with your client. I took the seminar in San Francisco on Thursday, Jan. 18th. The next day I had two consultations with clients. To make a long story short, I took one client who was requesting a HELOC and ended up with a 575,000 cash out refi allocating 100,000 for tax free/deferred growth and an additional 1,500 of cash flow on a monthly basis to invest accordingly. The next client was buying a home for their daughter. They had owned there home free and clear and wanted to put 50% down. They ended up putting zero down on a 550,000 purchase with a 30 year interest only loan and ironically after my presentation, are moving forward with a 400,000 cash out refi on their owner occupied home to allocate for investments. With the delivery of Tom and Ed's HBDR, I turned 350,000 into 1,500,000 in loans!! Please contact Tom Ward, Ed Conarchy, or myself for more information.

- Jeremy Forcier
San Rafael, Ca - Vice President/Loan Consultant
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  “… absolutely on point for today’s economy.”
- David McGraw
Director of Sales, Community Lending, Freddie Mac.
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  “I was so impressed with what they impart that I sent 3 people last November. They came back and thanked me for insisting they go. We have implemented some of what we learned already and are enjoying the results. You gotta go if you can.”

- Max Etheart
Rockville, MD - Owner
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  “I attended Tom’s seminar in 2005 and my biggest mistake was not going sooner. It has been the single-most profitable training seminar I’ve ever attended. My first week back I earned $10,000 in commissions using just one little script about Publication 936 that was critical to my clients’ financial planning … and of which my competition was unaware.”

- Jessica Lanning
San Francisco, CA - Mortgage Consultant
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  “Tom Ward joined us in Cancun to speak at our annual Sales Summit. One of our branch managers, Jerry Bowman, had previously heard Tom Ward and told us that having Tom speak at our Sales Summit would really help our originators. Jerry sure was right. Not only was Tom Ward very motivating, his method is easy to understand and anyone can follow it. He gives loan officers a blueprint to follow and a simple way to engage more prospects. If I had to pick a single thing that loan officers take away from Tom Ward's presentation, it is confidence. Confidence to get a conversation started with potential clients in any rate environment.”

- Hobie Higgins

Tulsa, Branch Development, Gateway Mortgage Group
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  ... within three hours after presenting your information to 23 Realtors I was receiving referred business.

-Tina Lamb
Little Rock, AR - Mortgage Consultant
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  “Your material is the real deal, no BS. I have attended enough seminars and workshops to know what works and what doesn’t. You guys hit it out of the park. You provided the clarity I’ve been searching for, the missing piece.

“Thanks Again”

- Kevin D. Herthel
Cincinnati, OH -- President
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  “LTB (Loan Toolbox members), I just completed the Tom Ward's ProfitAbility Assessment this morning. Remember the WOW feeling we all had at BP07?? I just had that same feeling after our call. It is crazy the new mindset I already have on how I run my business from his OTT system. It's really not a system, it's a must. All brokers, LOs, managers, etc..., should follow this. I'm sorry, I am not trying to sell Tom Ward, but just sharing with my family (LTB), the excitement that I am feeling, and the success I want all of you to have.

“If any of you met Tom at BP07, he is genuine, and straight-to-the-point. If you are trying to do your budget for 2007, I would strongly consider talking with Tom before you complete. That was one of my goals of my biz plan to go over this before doing my budget. (Tim B., that's 1 action item off the task list biz plan) I am now ready to complete.

“Sorry, to ramble, but I am pumped. Feel free to email me if you choose to discuss more.”

- David Branch
Gulfport, MS - Owner
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  “I've been in the business almost ten years and I work with a lot of old school people that believe in paying their mortgages off. I walked away from your seminar with not only the knowledge to handle their objections, but also the statistics to back it up.

“Like we talked at the seminar - I really believe this is a blue ocean and I intend to take full advantage of it. I've recommended it to the loan officers at my office. I only wish I knew this information when I first started. The new LOs who take advantage of this are already ahead of the competition.”

- Andrea Linville
St. Charles, IL - Mortgage Consultant
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  “The 10-10-10 solution is an achievable roadmap to higher profits for both owners and originators. It’s something I can take to my origination staff right away and see and measure success.”

- Mark Junod
Capitola, CA, Branch Manager
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  “No pie in the sky. Real people ... living and breathing the mortgage business in a most successful way and having a real life outside of work!”

- David Weir
Plymouth, MN – President
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  “I know I have something to offer beyond rates and fees. Further, approach is different than others which make people feel they better work with me.

I am sitting in a condo development this weekend representing the builder at the listing agents request due to how I have represented myself. I am going to do the power home buying gig there. They kicked out the other lender.

Overall, I have confidence in my rap, that’s all you really need once you have the chops to back it up.  I don’t care what anyone says to me anymore.  I will either kick their ass, or find out they don’t need it or they will keep their head in the sand and we both move on.”

- Eric Pirius,
Anoka, MN Originator
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  “Last week Eric, Gary, Jason and myself flew to Chicago to attend their one day event and it was truly career changing.  We discussed profitability ideas, what’s happening around the country in different markets, and best practices.  It’s very different from other organizations because there is no fluff or hype.  It’s down in the trenches what’s working and what’s REAL and TRUE.  Tom taught us the Strategic Questioning Process and Power Home Buying.  We came back and started implementing and the results have been amazing.  In 2 hours on Friday I took 3 applications and on Saturday morning at breakfast lined up a HBDR assessment. Eric has 2 applications today with a third on the way, Jason has 2 applications and stole another client from another loan officer just by asking a series of questions.  Gary went and met with a builder on Saturday and went through the Power Home Buying and his quote was he about fell off of his chair and why hasn’t someone brought this to me before?  What we learned is so extremely valuable. We are just so excited about the future and what we’ve learned I had to share it with you.”

- Troy Mlenar,
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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  “Tom came to speak to our group in April.  He gave us specific, actionable scripts that we could implement immediately and work.  He was the perfect speaker at the perfect time, given current market conditions. Plus, the feedback from our members was extremely positive.”

- Charlotte O’Donnell,
Branch Development, Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association
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  “We had Tom come and speak at our association meeting this past May.  He gave us the tools and confidence to not only survive regardless of what happens with rates, but thrive.  He taught us the Strategic Questioning Process, showing us exactly what to say and how to say it to new and existing customers.  His message resonated with our membership too.  We received wonderful feedback on his presentation.”

- Teresa Carley-Brown,
Treasurer, Quad Cities Chapter of the Iowa Mortgage Association
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