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Success Stories MBO
  The MBO fills what has been a glaring hole since I started my own firm 10 years ago; other business owners sharing their successes and best practices and alerting us to what failures to avoid.

It seems like I've been to 100+ seminars in my 16 years in the business.  I always hope to meet one or two owners who wore my same shoes and who were willing to share what has worked for them and what hasn't.  The MBO solves this problem with 100 owners gladly sharing.  I've already received best practice ideas in cost-cutting, comp plans, motivational techniques and recruiting, just to name a few.

Whatever topic comes up, everyone is eager to help.  I would encourage any owner to give this forum a test-drive.  I think you'll get more out of the first session, than it costs all year.

Dan Flavin, CMP
1st American Trust Mortgage Corp.

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  Thanks for having the foresight to create Mortgage Business owners (MBO).  I cannot think of a time in this business that bouncing ideas off other owners could be more crucial to our survival.  Each day I wake up wondering what will come my way today with legislation changes, lenders exiting the space or employee’s on the ledge.  It is comforting to know that within my forum of owners going through the same issues each day, there are many successes. I don’t have to invent ways to adapt, collectively the changes are thought out and implementation strategies are created.  Bravo Tom to you and your team, I am excited to tackle 2008 and turn in our best results ever!

Bill Ferrall
Tahoe Lending Group, Inc.
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“It’s EXACTLY the kind of material I was looking for when I signed up to MBO. Tom is delivering on what he stated MBO would be about with flying colors.”

Patrick McCabe, owner, Empowered Equity

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My partner and I joined MBO at the end of 2007 and we both feel the membership has already paid for itself 10 times over.  With our new found knowledge that has come from Tom’s seminars and the MBO membership, we are beyond optimistic for 2008.  For the first time since opening the company 3 years ago we don’t feel like we are throwing money at ineffective expenditures any more.  Tom taught us to look at our P&L differently and we feel so empowered to make educated decisions from this point forward.  Before MBO, we were operating in large by way of trial and error… a very expensive way to figure out what works and what doesn’t.  Had we found MBO 2 years ago, I truly believe we would have avoided much of the pain that we suffered in 2007 before joining.

We now look at our P&L from a different perspective… we are able to analyze our costs based on industry norms (thanks to the benchmarking study).  As we created our business plan (including budget and goals) for 2008 we were able to trim a lot of fat from the budget for the upcoming year.  Specifically, we found out that some of the advertising that is very prevalently used in the mortgage industry just doesn’t work (we thought it was just us).  The OTT methodology has helped us get to the bottom line of how much we really need to charge on each transaction to breakeven or profit.  Beyond that… hearing what other business owners do to successfully recruit, incent and manage their workforce has been invaluable.  I have been in the mortgage industry for 15 years, and yet when I’m participating in a forum with other MBO members I’m humbled… I feel like a neophyte in comparison to most of them.  The wealth of information available through other members is amazing.  I would highly recommend MBO to any business owner who is serious about taking their business to the next level.

Shanna Wroten-Tucker, Owner, Prime Equity Mortgage Group

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Benefits of MBO membership

Positive forum during difficult industry times.  Rather than focus on the doom and gloom, these members are focusing on the positives and how to navigate through the negatives that we just can’t change right now.   What I’m hearing from these people is the get back to basics and get the job done.
The OTT was a great AH HA for me. Now I just need you to help me determine what I should be paying myself per loan rather than the draw. 
The benchmarking is a great tool to show me what I need to modify.  Plus….it made me feel pretty smart!

Linda M. McKinley, CML, CMPS
Registered Mortgage Advisor
Cherry Creek Mortgage Co.

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MBO is the institution to belong to. The forums share common pains in the industry as well as best practices to breakthrough the pains. It has shown me how to look at profitability in different area of my business. This organization is truly about building stronger companies and about people helping people to greater success!


Troy Mlenar
Life Event Manager-Financial Educator
Landmarq Lending

Direct: 763-412-1213
Mobile: 612-720-4391
Fax: 763-412-1216

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“MBO is the ultimate mastermind group for mortgage business owners. It’s great just to work things out with people who face the same issues as you do every day.”

Dave Gallegos, Owner, Capital Lending Group.

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