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  Tom Ward, Majestic Consulting's CEO
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arrow Is your business model broken?

Are your business costs spiraling out of control? Do you wonder how you're doing relative to the industry as a whole? At the end of the day, most of us look for answers to these and other questions in the P&L statements our accountants provide. But when was the last time a P&L statement gave you a quick and easy snapshot of your business?

  That is not something you can afford to continue Standard P&Ls are an accountant's tools, not an entrepreneur's tools! Truth is, most standard P&Ls are too detailed — and take too long to complete — to offer the feedback you need — in real time. Relying solely on P&Ls on a monthly or quarterly basis hampers your ability to gauge whether commission splits, overhead, and other expenses are eating away at your company's bottom-line profits.
Thatʼs not something you can afford to continue — especially in this economy.

arrow Break through with OTT

One Transaction Thinking puts you squarely in the driver's seat of your financial destiny. Not only does OTT demystify P&L statements, it helps you budget for profit on every transaction.

Through real-time, actionable information, OTT lets you see all revenue, cost of goods sold, and expenses for rent, mail, and processing salaries on a per loan basis.

Think about it: Most of the time, revenue generated by producing owners is thrown into a company bucket, leaving little room — or warning — to control expenses. But OTT breaks down the “big numbers” into ones you can easily manage and remember. Best of all, OTT offers this critical information in one simple format — on a single sheet of paper!

arrow How OTT works

Of course, we do the groundwork for you. We start by guiding you through an operations questionnaire, then share a financial benchmark study that compares your performance against the highs, lows, averages, and medians among companies like yours. The result? Through one-on-one consultation with our skilled staff, OTT reveals any glaring weaknesses in your business model, and offers a roadmap for you to develop par for revenue, cost of sales, and expenses within your company.

OTT helps you quickly troubleshoot five key “pressure points” that either help— or hinder — your company's profitability:
arrow Number of loans
arrow Average loan
arrow Margin per loan
arrow Commission splits
arrow Capacity, production, and balance

arrow The Team Behind OTT

Tom Ward has been teaching One Transaction Thinking to thousands of mortgage company owners across the United States since the late 1990s. Along the way, Tom has drawn upon his rich pool of experience — and years of running his own mortgage company — to share tips and strategies that can help mortgage entrepreneurs weather any market condition.

Today, Tom serves as president of Majestic Consulting, in Vernon Hills, IL, where he teaches, trains and consults the next generation of mortgage business owners on the best ways to grow their practices. Tom is also chair of Mortgage Business Owners, the first national organization strictly for mortgage entrepreneurs. This second role puts him in constant contact with benchmarking data, and allows him to expertly advise OTT clients on how their businesses are faring against others in the industry.

Ken Maier, CPA, brings accurate, laser-sharp analysis of financial records to OTT clients. Ken's decades of experience working for Allstate — the first 10 years in accounting, the last five in finance — makes him uniquely qualified to guide OTT clients toward sound business advice on some of the thorniest issues — everything from commission splits to overhead expenses — that often challenge even the most seasoned mortgage business owners.

Together, Tom and Ken offer OTT clients a powerful combination: In-depth industry knowledge and financial expertise.

arrow Helping your business succeed

Say goodbye to monthly or quarterly P&L reports that tell you too little, too late. It's time for a new way of measuring your business's overall success — today. With One Transaction Thinking, help is on the way. Whether you own your own company or net branch, OTT offers the decision-making tools you need to navigate a slew of critical issues: operations workflow, commissions structures, profitsharing, expense management, and measured profit performance.  As your business advisor, we'll get you where you want to be!

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