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  Tom Ward, Majestic Consulting's CEO
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MoveUp HomeBuyer Tax Analysis® Annual Subscription
MoveUp HomeBuyer® system allows originators to quantify for their clients a commonly overlooked benefit of buying a larger home – a decrease in their tax liability that can be applied toward the purchase of a new home. more info
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arrow The Empathy Effect   $17.95
The ability to put yourself into other people’s shoes is an extremely valuable resource. Empathy minimizes conflict and promotes prosperity. In business, it creates a better experience for everyone involved -- customers, employees, and management. Customers feel taken care of. Employees feel appreciated and become more loyal and efficient, strengthening the company and making it more profitable. Empathy improves every situation it touches, setting off a chain reaction of positive events that Tom Ward calls The Empathy Effect.
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arrow 10 Hours Consulting by Tom Ward   $2,500
Designed for Owners, Net Branch Owners and Loan Officers, the Hourly Mentorship Program provides you with direct access to Tom Ward, and his 19 years of business expertise,  to discuss any strategic, tactical, or urgent issues via telephone that are affecting your business.   Add to Cart
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arrow ProfitAbility® Assessment   $1,495
Designed for company Owners and Net Branch Owners, the ProfitAbility® assessment starts with a questionnaire that you complete, which is designed to highlight your current business practices.  Next, Majestic Consulting will analyze your responses to the questionnaire, and evaluate your current P&L, using Tom Ward’s One Transaction Thinking® tool.  Your responses will be evaluated and assessed against "best practices" and recommendations made in the following areas:

arrow Average Loan Size
arrow Margins made per loan
arrow Loan volume
arrow Commission structure and Cost of Sales
arrow Operating expenses
arrow Business practices
arrow Database management
arrow Compensation structure
arrow Company culture

A one-hour telephone consultation to review the assessment with Tom Ward, Majestic Consulting’s ProfitAbility® specialist, is included in the cost.
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arrow Monthly Coaching and One Transaction Thinking®   $650
per month
Designed for the entrepreneur that is looking to make significant changes to their business model or thinking of beginning a new operation, the Monthly Coaching and One Transaction Thinking® (OTT) Program.

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