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  Tom Ward, Majestic Consulting's CEO
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Revenue per Loan (Basis Points) %      
Fees Charged per Loan ($)      
Net Branch Fee (Basis Points) %      
Required Profit Per Loan (Basis Points) %      
Commission Split (Percentage) % (After Net Branch Fee and Required Profit per Loan)
Other Cost of Goods Sold (Basis Points) %      
Operating Expenses (Basis Points) %      
Pro Forma Profit and Loss
  Dollars $ per Loan Basis Points  
Revenue per Loan  
Fee Income  
Total Revenue  
Cost of Goods Sold
Commission Paid to Loan Officer  
Other Cost of Goods Sold  
Net Branch Fee  
Required Profit  
Cost of Goods Sold  
Profit Before Operating Expenses  
Less: Operating Expenses  
Net Profit/(Loss)  
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